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Self Playing Digital

Roland Self Playing Digital for sale

Self Playing Digital Baby Grand Piano

  • Black High Gloss
  • Perfect Condition
  • Self Playing System
  • 88 keys, 3 pedals
  • 1 year warranty
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Self Playing Digital Baby Grand Piano

A Roland KR115M in black high gloss baby grand style case, with moving keys self playing system

Loaded with top-of-the-line features, this piano packs an incredible amount of performance power. Among the highlights: an 88-note, individually sampled stereo grand piano engine, a Solid Progressive Hammer-Action Keyboard with Escapement, and advanced player-piano technology. These big features make the KR115M one of the finest digital grand pianos available today

The KR115M boasts the most realistic stereo-sampled grand piano sounds on the digital-piano market with all 88 keys multi-level sampling. It's a piano worthy of a master musician, with the ability to deliver the power, stunning clarity, and nuance demanded by a true virtuoso. Moreover, as amazing as these sounds already are, they can be further adjusted to your taste; you can customize them with the friendly-yet-powerful Piano Designer feature.

Automatic Keyboard Movement

The KR115M comes with a self playing automatic keyboard-movement mechanism that will entertain and impress. Insert any Standard MIDI File (SMF) or other music file, and the keys will start playing the music as if by magic, perfectly reproducing the songs down to the smallest detail. All eyes will be drawn to the moving keys. Using the large selection of preset songs or commercially available SMF data, you can create automatic keyboard performances in any genre. You can also record your own performances not just with the piano tone but with other onboard tones too. And when you play those performances back, watch those keys move just the way you played them!

Superior Keyboard

The KR-115M features Roland's new Solid Progressive Hammer- Action Keyboard with Escapement which perfectly matches the feel of an acoustic grand. It provides a heavier touch in the lower range and a lighter touch in the upper registers. In this new version the touch is more delicate than before, and the keys are more solid and balanced for a genuine piano key feel. It also produces less fingernail noise.

Versatile CD Drive & USB Memory Port

The versatile CD drive built into the KR115M not only plays MIDI music data but also standard audio CDs. Player-piano CDs can give you hours and hours of enjoyment on your Intelligent Grand. And whenever you wish, you can insert an audio CD and listen to your favourite songs. Also, by inserting al USB flash memory device into the USB memory port, you can play SMF data and WAV data.

Record Your Performance

The KR115M comes with a new A/V Sync function that allows you to record and play back your entire performance. You can even add your voice to the piano sound, for example, as well as video images. To save your performance data, simply attach a recorder, and replay your recordings on your KR115M using the automatic keyboard-movement function if you desire. If you want to add video images of your performance, attach a video camera and a DVD recorder. You can make your own music videos!


View scores of preset songs, Standard MIDI files, or songs you record yourself on the onboard recorder. One of the most exciting features of DigiScore is the Touch the Notes feature, which enables you to touch a note on the screen and instantly hear it played on the piano. You can also drag your finger across a series of notes and hear a whole phrase.

Music Assistant

Music Assistant is an intuitive, easy-to-use auto-accompaniment feature. Play simple chords with your left hand, and Music Assistant will automatically follow and fill in your performance while you play. Depending on the settings you choose, it can play in a number of different genres, styles, tones, and tempos.

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  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
  • Roland Self Playing Digital for sale
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