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Fully Restored

Chappell Fully Restored for sale

Fully Restored Concert Grand

  • Black High Gloss
  • Fully Restored
  • Excellent Tone & Touch
  • Historically Important
  • Rare quadruple stringing
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Fully Restored Concert Grand

Rare newly fully restored Chappell full size 9ft concert grand piano

Exceptionally rare model featuring quadruple strung upper treble - instead of having three strings per note, there are four, for a more powerful tone. There are believed to be just a handful of these pianos in existence worldwide. Enthusiasts and collectors we have spoken to know the whereabouts of only two or three of these pianos.

This piano was originally owned by Chappell for TV broadcast appearances and touring use and was undoubtedly played by many famous performers of the time. Originally the Chappell logo was painted on both sides of the piano for this purpose, whereas normally it would only be painted on the 'short' side which faces the audience. The serial number dates it to 1936-1937 which coincides with the launch of the BBC.

New full restoration commissioned by us including re-veneering and new polyester case, iron frame repainted, soundboard shimmed and restored, all strings replaced, tuning pins replaced, action renovated, all felts replaced and more.

Enormous thunderous tone when required, but also excellent dynamic control and a great action. We have four Chappell concert grand pianos in stock and this one is by far the best, showing the care and attention it has received over the years. It is also the only one with the quadruple stringing.

If you have the space then this is a fantastic piano to suit all abilities from beginner to virtuoso, with a depth of sound you just don't get from smaller pianos. An incredible statement piece, and an important piece of British piano making history

Quite possibly the finest Chappell concert grand in existence

Also available for long term rental and concert hire

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  • Chappell Fully Restored for sale
  • Chappell Fully Restored for sale
  • Chappell Fully Restored for sale
Chappell - Fully Restored - Video Demo
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