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Model 6

Bluthner Model 6 for sale

Model 6 Grand Piano

  • High Gloss
  • German Made
  • Excellent Tone & Touch
  • 88 keys
  • 2 year warranty
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Professional delivery starting from £239.99*
Current rate for this length piano,
up to 150 miles going to ground floor


Model 6 Grand Piano

A modern Bluthner Model 6 full size grand piano, 190cm in length, in a faded mahogany polyester case

This piano is an absolute bargain due to the faded casework - inside this is a superb piano, and still a current model retailing at £54,000. In perfect condition we typically sell these pianos for around £19,999

The piano is in excellent acoustic condition, and has not had a lot of use. It has had one home owner, and is a very reluctant sale due to downsizing. It has all the pianistic abilities one would expect of a modern Bluthner piano, a warm rich tone and excellent control from the action. A piano suitable for grades 1-8 and diploma levels also

The fading is extremely common on Bluthner pianos of this era due to the polyester having a flaw which makes it go cloudy with exposure to light. The vast majority of Bluthner pianos from the 1970s and 1980s have this fading unless they were kept under cover in a darkened room their whole lives. For extra cost we could refinish the piano in black polyester to make it look like new again

A rare opportunity to own a top class modern German grand for a fraction of the usual price. An excellent piano for a music student, recording studio, or someone who wants the best but isn't bothered about looks

This piano has one of the best tones we have heard of any Bluthner piano - truly superb. The baby grand versions of this piano are fairly common, but these 6ft models are much rarer and a huge improvement tonally

This piano is being offered for sale for a limited time only before we send this piano away to be re-finished in black polyester, with the price naturally tripling once finished

2 year warranty

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  • Bluthner Model 6 for sale
  • Bluthner Model 6 for sale
  • Bluthner Model 6 for sale
  • Bluthner Model 6 for sale
  • Bluthner Model 6 for sale
  • Bluthner Model 6 for sale
  • Bluthner Model 6 for sale
Bluthner - Model 6 - Video Demo

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